Andrew Zimmern’s Love With Food box: more blah than bizarre [classic article]

I just started subscribing last month to Love With Food, a monthly subscription service that delivers surprise snacks. For each box, they donate a meal to charity. There are all kinds of subscription services out there — some are much more gourmet, but much more costly. This month’s box was curated by Bizarre Foods’ Andrew Zimmern. I had very high expectations for being introduced to exotic foods and they were not quite met.

Air Popped Sorghum Grain from Mini Pops – Tastes like crushed up packing peanuts that fell on the floor. Definitely don’t eat these in bed. Perhaps you are allergic to corn and can’t eat popcorn? I suppose they’re a substitute. They don’t have hulls, if getting popcorn hulls in your teeth drives you mad.

Original Cocomel from JJ’s Sweets – These are good. They’re made with coconut milk, rich with a soft texture. If you’re a vegan and have been missing that buttery taste of caramel, here’s a great substitute.

Sea Salt Cocomel from JJ’s Sweets – not as good as the original flavor, because coconut doesn’t lend itself to salt as well as actual butter.

Organic Fennel Pollen from Pollen Ranch – It’s a seasoning powder. I guess this is Zimmern’s “weird” addition to the box. Honestly, I haven’t tried this yet . . . I’m trying to think of something I’d want to season with fennel and honey flavors.

Lemony Lover Olives from Oloves — While it was a smaller portion, it was tasty. The olives are marinated with garlic, lemon, oregano and no preservatives. It might be something gourmet to consider when camping, etc. . . but really, most metropolitan grocery stores have olive bars now with similar marinades.

Salty Pepper Nuggets from Somersault Snacks – These are like savory sunflower seed cookies. They might go well as a cocktail party snack.

Creamy Buffalo Ranch Dip from Buff Lo Dip – Buffalo sauce meets rancy dip in a weird, guar gum textured, jelly-ish dip. Shelf stable, but there are better, cheaper products out there if that’s your thing. You probably can make your own much more easily and better.

Smoky Chili & Lime Chickpea Snacks from The Good Bean – They have a good bit of heat on the outside from Spanish smoked paprika, Mexican chipotle chili and lime juice — but dull on the inside. I really like fresh chickpeas, but really dislike these. They taste like all kinds of fiber and mealiness rolled in one. I guess it would make a healthier bar snack than a bowl of peanuts.

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