Stay home! Gobble up Flathau’s Fine Foods instead [classic article]

Will the weather ever be nice enough to leave the house again? No! Well, I’m just grateful I still am getting mail deliveries in this snow and ice. That doesn’t mean I’m satisfied by the skillet mixes on the shelf, cup-o’-crap packets in the cabinet or frozen maître d’hôtel butter in the freezer that I think I made 2 years ago. What if you’d like to curl up in bed with a cuppa and . . . something else?

Maybe you have apartment or condo neighbors who have cabin fever and have been dropping in? Perhaps you have some poor souls in the ‘hood who locked themselves out and you don’t want them freezing to death whilst awaiting the locksmith. I mean, I’ve been locked out in a bathrobe during winter and my neighbor didn’t invite me in for coffee, so I never want to be that person! Except . . . I’m no Southern Belle. I can’t be bothered to bake things for every creature who crosses the portico. I don’t spend my days in an apron, whipping up little treats for the kaffe klatch. Fortunately, there’s Flathau’s Fine Foods to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

This mail-order baked goods company, featured on Food Network’s Unwrapped, makes sweet and savory snacks in Mississippi. The packaging — whether you choose their Chinese restaurant style boxes or keepsake paint cans — you’ll be delighted to place these on the table just as they are. They’re cute as a button!

Their (Chipotle) cheese straws pack quite a kick! They’re great with cocktails, in case you really want to start the party with your neighbors.

Key lime snaps and lemon snaps have a slightly — not too-too — sweet, confectionery/fruit flavor, dusted in powdered sugar.

Their Maddy’s Sweet Shop division has deep, jammy raspberry snaps and a crispy, butter-balanced shortbread for you traditionalists.

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