Tasty authentic Italian snack: Bauli [classic article]

I’m instantly aware of when a snack is being marketed to me. Usually, things that belong in a basement vending machine are packaged to be something “I deserve”. Young women in tight jeans hold out wrapped sweets. The problem is, I like fresher, less sweet things . . . the kind of little treat that’s served with after-dinner coffee in Europe, especially Italy. That’s why I was happy to be hosted to experience Bauli!

Bauli has a heritage stemming from 1922, when the founder started learning Italian and Hapsburg baking techniques in Verona, Italy. Currently, the USA division Celebrity Chef Fabio Viviani, New York Times’ Bestselling Author and Celebrity Chef of Bravo’s Top Chef, as their Brand Ambassador.

I don’t know how it is around your house, but most of the bakeries right near my house have gone out of business or are seriously lacking. Bauli mini croissants incredibly give you that freshly-baked flavor and tender texture! No preservatives, either. One little bag is perfect for a girls’ get-together or a romantic finish to the meal. They come in vanilla custard and chocolate fillings.

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