Interview with WWE wrestler The Miz [classic article]

As first seen in GI Money magazine

What advice do you have for military people who must turn on aggression at work and turn it off at home?

Basically, exactly that. Whenever I’m The Miz at work, it’s an adrenaline rush. When I’m home, I’m completely relaxed. You have to really relax and chill out. I enjoy my dogs.

What’s your workout routine?

It changes every week, depending on wrestling. I was just in Malaysia, with a 20 hour flight each way. When I got off the plane, I worked out my whole body. I work out each body part twice a week. It’s important not to overextend myself, not be sore. Sleep is a very vital, important thing for recovery.

How do you develop long-term relationships with management? In wrestling, if you’re not promoted, you literally wither.

Even if you’re not promoted, you make your own publicity. I’ve always told them when someone can’t do an interview, “Put me on,” for an interview or event. I can create my own publicity now with Twitter, Facebook and You Tube. There is no “luck”. I’ve always believed in hard work more than talent. I try to meet someone new each week; it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. That’s especially true in Hollywood.

How do you stay motivated during quiet times?

It’s whenever you walk out there, when they start booing or cheering – hopefully cheering – you’re giving a moment to someone. It’s those little memories that keep you motivated.

How much say do you have over your character? How has that evolved over the years?

My character has evolved over the years. I went from being a “chick magnet” to a champion to a Hollywood start, because of the movies I’ve been in. I’m not a person who says, “no”. I’m arrogant enough, cocky enough to think I can make anything work.

Do you have any members of your family or loved ones who served in the military?

One of my best friends was a Marine. He passed away a couple of years ago. He died in combat, his name was Jeff Boskovich. We used to watch Pay Per Views of wrestling back in 1999.

Talk to me about your work with Tribute to the Troops.

WWE has been doing it for 12 years now. It started with us going to Iraq and Afghanistan during the war. We put on the same show on that we do for Raw and SmackDown. I talked to the troops out there and it’s non-stop: it’s in the desert, they work and work out. They didn’t even have running water. We go to different bases now.

Are there any special logistics when you go to (war zones)?

I felt so protected when I was over there!

Tell me about Hire Heroes USA.

Whenever heroes come back, this gives them those opportunities to use what they’ve learned in the service.





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