I am a water tasting expert! Read my insider secrets here… [classic article]

I have been honored twice to be a judge for the International Water Tasting Fest in Berkeley Springs, WV. My love of Berkeley Springs is even above the fact that I was a “Parade Beauty Queen” in the Apple Butter Fest.

Indeed, at the Water Tasting Fest, I have been trained by the best: bon vivant and international jet-setter water expert, Arthur von Wiesenberg.

Here is a link to what I learned, published by a  Gannett newspaper: www.herald-dispatch.com/life/x1041562797

One of the cool things is that anybody who’s simply anybody in the food journalism world has been a judge there… www.berkeleysprings.com/water/judges.htm

It’s my understanding that Keith Olbermann of MSNBC loves this fest. He attends regularly and announces the winners that we pick on air!

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