Stand out elegantly while traveling with [classic article]

Stand out elegantly while traveling with
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq

Sometimes, you don’t have the time or energy to get all dressed up in “outfits” when traveling, but you might have a gathering to get ready for and still want to be appealing. I mean, who doesn’t? Just this week, I had been traveling for hours and stuck for hours in Rome’s FCO airport. I knew I’d be arriving to Matera just minutes before an important gala dinner with dignitaries . . . I also ran into actor Sean Bean. So, I spent the 30 Euros it took to access the airport’s VIP lounge — which was pretty craptastic, but they have spa-worthy shower facilities. What’s the easiest (and most primitive) way to make a fantastic impression on people? With fragrance! Post shower, a spritz of an “important” perfume and I was ready to go!

With — I was happy to be hosted to experience it — you aren’t relegated to whatever your local department store’s Buyer picks out. You really don’t want that! Seriously, imagine the meetings: “I think our customers are soccer moms who once in a while get to go out to dinner. They want something their friends wear, to be in with them.” No, no, no! You want to be unique and when someone tells you that you smell good, which is one of the best compliments ever, it’s great to have a good story to tell . . . if you choose to.

Their prices are great, too.

Guerlain is a French perfume house founded in 1828 — one of the oldest on the world. If they don’t know about being a femme fatale, who does? Guerlain Samsara original is presented in a ruby glass, neo-Egyptian type bottle. My nose detected the fragrance on my skin to be green, with a light woody, light spice scent. It’s got a freshness without being sporty. Here’s what they say about it:



It’s sized perfectly for a 3-1-1 carry-on travel bag, but one of the neat things about, is they carry many sizes for your needs.

Creed is a formerly English — now French — family-owned perfume house founded in 1760. The list of European royalty and American movie stars who have worn Creed fragrances is impressively lengthy. The scents have only been available to the general public since 1970. Creed still makes many of its own infusions of raw ingredients. Original Santal scent is packaged with cards noting the line’s heritage, with a gorgeous red ombre glass presentation. There’s a metal and foil stopper. I detected light musky notes in this unisex cologne, brisk, then sweet citrus, then vanilla/floral. It’s very sophisticated! Here’s what they say about it:


Its classic size is too big for a 3-1-1 carry-on bag, but I’ll tell you what you do: has a decanter atomizer that you can get!

Is there a more iconic British line than the company founded in 1858, Burberry? Burberry Body Eau de Toilette Intense has an unusual, but mesmerizing rose-gold tube packaging, with a felt dust-bag, just like the finest purses have. This is great for traveling and it’s size perfectly for a 3-1-1 carry-on bag. The bottle itself has a magick gold wand feel. To my nose on my skin, the scent starts out pure fizzy chilled champagne, then it evolves to a light, musky note. Here’s what they say about it:


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