Sophisticated and fun chocolates in Martinsburg, WV: DeFluri’s[classic article]

I first discovered DeFluri’s chocolates at a long-departed elegant restaurant in Martinsburg, West Virginia: Boomtown Inn. They kept the truffles in a fine china-curio cabinet and served them as a dessert option on a silver tray.

chocolate house
Sophisticated and fun chocolates in Martinsburg

Then, I was able to get them for a while at the city’s jazz concerts near the Faulkner home.I was in Martinsburg recently, because I wanted to give my doggie, Mr. Jefferson, the experience of seeing his hometown again . . . he had City of Martinsburg tags when I adopted him. I always say he’s from the Faulkner home, but he’s probably from the Berkeley County pound across the street.

Mr. Jefferson stayed outside while I went inside to select a few gourmet items. Years ago, I had interviewed one of the owners for a magazine . . . the chocolates are made on the premises from a European chocolate base. Local wines are used in the Fisher Ridge truffles. Fruit cakes are made at a local monastery. And then, I spied something new to me: Puppy Paws! They’re the same caramel-chocolate-nut concept as turtles. Well, with my own puppy standing outside whining and the fact that I love caramel the best, I had to get some! Well, doggies can’t share chocolates.

DeFluri’s has an online shop, too.

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