Modern lunch in a modernized space: Felix Pakhuis in Antwerp, Belgium[classic article]

When you travel frequently, it’s good to eat the local cuisine, but not all meals have to hit the extremes of either palatial dining or “grandma’s recipes”. Sometimes, what hits the spot is the type of lunch that you’d enjoy taking yourself out for at home, with perhaps a little twist. That’s exactly the kind of repast you will find at Antwerp, Belgium’s Felix Pakhuis. I was very glad to be hosted to experience it!

The restaurant is located in a post-industrial warehouse on Antwerp’s harbor, near the new Red Star Line Museum. Menus are in Dutch.



They say this about the place:

Felix Pakhuis, a beautifully renovated warehouse from the 1860’s that housed the city archive . . . houses the trendy restaurant on its ground floor, with retro style furnishings and a large terrace. Opened in 2009, it serves Belgian favorites like mussels. It has one of the best brunch buffet spreads in the city with a sprawling feast of options including bacon and eggs, soup, pastries, pies and salads. The Warehouse has a cafe and market section, Market, opened in 2012, where you can order from a changing menu of local and seasonal meats, breads and cheeses, along

with wine, coffee and more.

I had a vegetarian quiche rich with goat cheese. It was surrounded with a chunky, creamy tomato sauce, grilled, thinly sliced eggplant, arugula and fennel.

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