Time to smell like a valentine with Demeter Fragrance Library

Time to set that lovely ambiance for Valentine’s Day — to celebrate, open possibilities, even to appreciate yourself. Scent is the most primitive of our senses and it’s a huge factor in to whom you are attracted and who is attracted to you. There’s all kinds of love out there and Demeter Fragrance Library can help you express it! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

Demeter has many scents that work their magic for Valentine’s Day and they all come in different formats, including EDP, body oil, bath gel and home atmosphere sticks.

Orange Blossom is a traditional scent associated with weddings and is even said to help with depression! I happened to have some culinary orange blossom water in the house, so I compared it with this fragrance. The Demeter version is a lot more citrus and floral, to my nose. It’s got a fresh flower/garden quality, but with a faint touch of spice. They describe it as a scent derived from the orange bloom by way of enfleurage: obtaining the scent oil through other oils. The concept is, “More like the living flower on a warm summer eve’s, gentle breeze.”

Flower Show – I can’t believe it. I live about 2 hours away from Philadelphia and I’ve never been to the nation’s greatest flower show! This year, I’ve been invited and I’m getting really stoked. In recent years, I have insisted on having fresh flowers in my house at all times. If necessary, I’ll grab laundry quarters and have risotto 3 nights in a row, rather than do without. In that respect, I find myself quite influenced by Belle Epoque American socialite Rita Lydig. In the book The Power of Style, it was noted that her sister — poet Mercedes de Acosta — discovered that at a time when her finances were a mess, Rita was spending $1000/month on white cyclamens, lilies and gardenias. When Mercedes inquired if Rita might tighten her belt in that regard, Rita shot back, “Why should you take away that one beautiful thing from me? I can go without food. You must cut out the the butcher for me, but I will not be without my white flowers.”

With the Demeter fragrance, you can spray it in your hair, on your bookmarkers, on sheet music, on a flirty cotton handkerchief or even a hat brim. I experienced the scent as rose with greenery, unopened flower buds, carnation spice. It’s a subtle scent, not blowsy.

First Love – was a Demeter fragrance that used to only be available in South Korea. K beauty! They describe it as, “unusual light floral combination of lemon zest, jasmine, honeysuckle, water lotus and white rose.” My nose experienced something very different: marzipan with iced strawberry bread and fresh mint. It’s a young but present and vital scent.

First Kiss is also a Demeter fragrance that used to be exclusive to South Korea. It’s intended to be like the real thing: sweet and sparkling. To that effect, they describe it as, “champagne, sugar and the depths of the Black Pansy.” I definitely got the champagne part, but I also experienced strawberry lip gloss with a little peach and melon.

Chocolate Covered Cherries Don’t you think chocolate covered cherries are the ultimate Valentine’s Day candy? I love ’em. According to Demeter, the French invented the sweet with help from German kirsch. Scent-wise, I experienced semi-sweet chocolate fondant, plus candied cherries and a little brandy.

Bulgarian Rose is considered at least one of the world’s most prized rose fragrances. Let’s face it: roses are the flower of Valentine’s Day. Don’t even bother with the real thing this time of year! They’re industrially grown, the prices are jacked, they look pathetic at most stores and the fragrance just isn’t there. Demeter says that this rose is the gentlest of all rose fragrances. I experienced fully blossomed, fresh vintage roses, with an emphasis on the spicy aspect of the petals.


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