Ready your face for all travel situations: IT Cosmetics [classic article]


When doing grueling travel for work, you may frequently require beauty fixes that are more basic than what shade of taupe is in this season. Sometimes, it’s all about presenting a blemish-free, dark circle- free face with your eyes not disappearing into your head like the Pillsbury doughboy.

What are some products that will come through for you while traveling? IT Cosmetics to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

The line was founded by Jamie Kern Lima, a former newscaster and a sufferer of rosacea. She started working with plastic surgeons to create cosmetics.

Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer has full coverage and full pigmentation, without being heavy — it won’t punish you with multiple layers caking up and pilling, just because you have something to hide. I’ve had burns to cover and hyper-pigmentation as well. Even for non-emergencies, but tricky cover issues — under eye concealer — it works without having to build up product. This weekend, I busted out most of a front tooth. I didn’t sleep until I saw the dentist the next day, and even that was hours of agony. That’s when I tried the concealer on my dark circles! If it worked for me, it’ll work for you. I have light skin, not fair. Even I take the medium shade, though. Light is for white-white-white complexions. It comes in a tube perfect for your 3-1-1 carry-one travel bag.

I’ve tried bent eyeliner brushes in the past and thought they didn’t work for me, but I realize I was not dealing with the high quality of bristles found in IT Cosmetics. The Tightlinerâ„¢ 10-in-1 Dual-Ended Brush really gets into the lashline, more than flathead brushes I’ve used in the past. One end is flat, but with sections removed — it moves better and doesn’t poke you in the eye. The other end is bushier than most eyeliner brushes, so you can create soft, smoky looks.

Liner Love is the first pot eyeliner I’ve used that doesn’t bother me when I’m wearing contacts, migrate to my tear ducts or pill. You can use it on your waterline, no problem. You can also smudge it for a soft look.

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