A classic drink is hot again in the South: Mr. Boston Rock & Rye[classic article]

We’re seeing a swing of the pendulum in cocktail trends. For a while — coming out of London — cocktails were being formulated by “mixologists”. Folks behind the bar were sporting waxed mustaches, whipping out kitchen equipment, infusing spirits, muddling obscure herbs, soaking bacon slices. Certainly, without a specific house cocktail menu, you’d feel like a jackass ordering one of these science experiments at a bar.

“Cocktails” are 3 ingredients or more, while 2 is a “mixed drink”. Life’s short! Fix a quick drink and get on with it!

Mr. Boston Rock & Rye is an old-school American rye whiskey flavored with citrus and sweetened. For those of you who remember seeing it decades ago in tiny packaged goods stores, don’t laugh! It’s seeing a big resurgence in the South, where sweeter drinks are beloved. I am happy to have been hosted to experience it!

Many recipes suggest mixing it with 7Up and vodka. I wanted to try it in a simpler format. It has a Christmas spice nose, with bits of clove and orange peel. Mixed with some Sprite Zero for a lighter mixed drink, it was insanely popular at a family Labor Day party! People couldn’t believe this older brand could taste so modern. Mixed, it’s not overly sweet and becomes a refreshing, very drinkable mixed drink.

It’s so handy and so affordable to keep at home.

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