Perfect brows while traveling with KISS Beautiful Brow Kit [classic article]

Some of us look like newborn parrots when we wake up: no discernible eyebrows. Even if you employ the age-old cover-up trick of dark sunglasses while your traveling, your brows or lack thereof still show. Now there’s KISS to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

The kit runs about $7 and is available at mass merchandisers. A similar kit in department stores would easily cost 5x that amount.

You get a 4-pan case with spoolie and mini brow brush, a brow razor and comb in one, plus 4 vinyl brow stencils. Folks might wish everything came in the case, so that they would be sure not to forget anything while traveling. The case has a dark brown color — best for the darkest of hair — and a warm taupe. The warm taupe works on everyone else, except maybe grey-haired people. Then, there’s an under-brow highlighter in a deep champagne color — good for everyone except maybe the whitest of complexions — and a soft wax.

Everything works for carry-on travel bags without resorting to a 3-1-1 zippered quart bag, even the razor — because it’s not really that kind of razor.

The razor is a game changer, because you can’t get at or see the thinnest of brow hairs (even with a pointed tweezer) without waxing. The razor isn’t scary at all to use, but do be careful with implements around your eyes! You’ll be able to clean up much more peach fuzz under your brow than ever before!

Then, pick out a stencil. Some of us prefer the “delicate” shape. KISS doesn’t don’t name theirs “thin”, “full” or whatever; they give names like “sexy”.

They say to use the powder first, but that’s not how most of us, including anyone on YouTube does it. First lay down a thin layer of wax. Then, with your thumb and forefinger, hold the stencil on your brow. Take the brow brush, load up some color, blow away the excess. Tap it on the opening in the brow stencil — don’t do the typical windshield wiper motion you use when applying eyeshadow.

You may want to only use the spoolie if you have thick, real brows to brush out. Otherwise, you’ll smear your handiwork.

Use just the tip of your shadow applicator to run a line of highlighter under the brow – a thin one! Don’t put highlighter on your whole brow bone, because that’s a very dated ’60’s look and seems “sweaty” while making your eyes look buggy.

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