Boost your beauty without gaining lbs.: Kimberly Snyder has tricks! [classic article]

Kimberly Snyder, CN is a clinical nutritionist who has prepared food for celebs such as Drew Barrymore, Fergie, Hilary Duff, Dita Von Teese, Channing Tatum, Josh Duhamel, Ben Still and Kerry Washington. Her work and book, The Beauty Detox Foods, have been been extolled by the likes of Dr. Oz, Vogue, InStyle, Elle, The New York Times, USA Today, Harper’s Bazaar, Details, Self, Prevention, etc. I was happy to be hosted to read her book and experience her product!

The main thrust of Snyder’s book is not letting foods sit sluggishly in your system, to eat things that will help you with elimination. Also in that line of thought is to replace healthy probiotics in your body. This is what she says about Probiotics +:

Probiotics+ – a powerful way to further balance one of the most foundational processes in your body – so that everything else in your body works better. With the help of over 29 Soil-Based Micro-Organisms (SBO’s)–no other product has 29 strains in this precise ratio, designed to reflect what’s found in pristine natural conditions.

They’re just two easy-to-swallow capsules a day. You may be thinking, “Oh, but I eat things with probiotics, so I should be good.” I thought that. I have a yogurt drink that, well, I really like. It has probiotics, so I thought, “That’s healthy. I should drink it and drink it and drink it. It’s good for me!” Oh man, you’d be surprised how the lbs. crept up!

Skin guru Kate Somerville also talks publicly of the need for taking such a supplement.

Let’s keep the whole experience to a low-calorie one, shall we? Include your favorite flavor of Stur in water that you take the capsules with!

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